Every month, risk management department is required to prepare the summary of P&L (Profile & Loss) Report for predict and analysis the upcoming trend, they are required to spend around 20 man-days per month to download the data from ERP system and prepare the reports. In the meanwhile, also hit a lot of human mistakes, and back and forth emails and troubleshooting, and they can process only one-month data volume, since they cannot use excel to handle too large amount of data.

Reduces 240 working man-days and handles 1 millions of records to generate reports.

The RPA solution that helps risk management department to automatically to process the report, and also save a lot of human process, over 240 man days per year, mitigate the human mistakes, now they can get the P and L report in 5 mins, and they can generate the report on demand. Moreover, they can process a year amount of data, that is make them to predict and analysis more accurately.